RWB Arts Festival AT HOME!

Welcome to RWBAF AT HOME information! Running on Facebook on 14th NOVEMBER, 2020!

Deadline for submission: 16th October, 2020

RWB Arts Festival

Welcome to details about our upcoming ‘RWBAF at Home’ event for this November!

As you probably know, sadly this year the Royal Wootton Bassett Arts Festival will not be taking place and we know that many of you will really miss the chance to share your performances. So, we thought you might like to share your work when November comes around after all.

This will be a celebration of your talent and love of the Arts in and around Royal Wootton Bassett. As this is a celebration and not a competition, there will be no adjudicators to provide any feedback, but it is free to take part.

All you need to do is submit a film of you performing your piece and we will share it on RWBAF’s Facebook page and other social media. Then you can tell all your friends and relations where to see your performance.

There are some rules to read before you enter and some technical instructions to ensure your filming goes well.

Please download and read all of the below documents, so you know what you need to do!

Welcome to RWBAF AT HOME


RWBAF AT HOME Technical Requirements

RWBAF At Home Permission Form

We look forward to enjoying all your wonderful performances this November. Any questions of course, please email us at

Or find us on Twitter @RWBArtsFestival 

Or on Facebook @RWBArtsFestival


All the best,

From the Team at RWBAF!

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