Music Trophies

Little Voices Trophy – Choral – Mrs. D. Lovell

The Dora Spackman Cup – Choral – Mrs. D. Spackman

The David Dudley Cup – Choral- Mr. D. Dudley

The Wessex Male Choir Cup – Choral – Wessex Male Choir

The Wendy Roberts Trophy – Singing – Mrs. Wendy Roberts

The George & Frances Hicks Memorial Cup – Singing – The Aspell family

The John Dunn Memorial Cup – Singing – Mrs. Sheila Dunn

The Sheila Dunn Cup – Singing – Mrs. Sheila Dunn

The WBLOS Shield – Singing – WBLOS

The Sheila Harrod Cup – Singing – Mrs. Sheila Harrod

The Brian Taylor Music Trophy – Singing – Brian Taylor Music

The David Radway Cup – Singing – Mr. David Radway

The Carole Cole Cup – Singing – Mrs. Carole Cole

The Wootton Bassett Orchestra Cup – Instrumental – RWB Orchestra

The Swindon Concert Band Cup – Instrumental – Swindon Concert Band

The Memorial Hall Cup  – Ensembles – RWB Memorial Hall

The Corinium Stoves Cup – Piano – Corinium Stoves

The Liz McDermott Cup – Piano – Mrs. L. McDermott

The Jan Davies Cup – Piano – The Davies Family

The Chaplin Piano Cup – Piano – Mrs. Janet Chaplin

The Le Sayle Shield – Piano – The Le Sayle Family

The John Davies Cup – Piano – The Davies Family

The Bevirs Solicitors Cup – Piano – Bevirs Solicitors

The Bassett Stationers Cup – Piano – Bassett Stationers

The Davies Trophy – Piano – The Curran Family

The Sheila Harrod Piano Cup – Piano – Mrs. Sheila Harrod

The Englefield Piano Cup – Piano – The Curran Family

The Englefield CG Cup – Classical Guitar – The Curran Family

The Dreambase Studios Cup – Classical Guitar – Dreambase Studios

Primary Schools Choirs Cup – RWB Academy

Secondary Schools Choir Cup – Cllr Mary Champion

Musical Theatre Cup – Mrs. Ros Holland

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