Speech and Drama Trophies

Speech & Drama Trophies

The Apsley Cup for Solo Mime – Mrs. Moody

The Bill Roberts Trophy for Prose Reading – Mr. Bill Roberts

The Clarendon Players Cup for Solo Acting – The Clarendon Players

The Corinium Stoves Cup for Television News – Mr. & Mrs. Colin Coupland

The Curtis Cup for Novice Verse – Mrs. Moody

The Daxa Jannaty Trophy for Overall Verse Trophy – Daxa Jannaty

The Emerald Cup for Solo Shakespeare – Madeleine Emerald Thiele

The Jacquie de Creed Cup for Shakespeare Acting – Mrs. Jacquie de Creed

The Katie Cup for Solo Acting – Mrs. Sandra McDowell

The Lucy Cup for Novice Verse Speaking – Mrs. Sandra McDowell

The Mark Flitton Cup for Devised Drama – Mr. Mark Flitton

The McDowell Cups for Duologue Acting – Mrs. Sandra McDowell

The Minety Primary School Cup for Television News – Mrs. Miranda Shirnia

The Miranda Shirnia Cup for Prose Reading – Mrs. Miranda Shirnia

The Prior Park Prep. School Cup for Novice Classes – Mrs. Lesley Cook

The Rhian Vaughan Cup for Solo Acting – Rhian Vaughan

The Rose Cup for Sonnet – The Hawkins Family

R. Scott & Co. Ltd., Cup for Solo Acting – R. Scott & Co., Ltd.

The Sandra McDowell Cup for Shakespeare Acting – Mrs. Sandra McDowell

The Swerve Photography Cup for Solo Acting – Miss. Lucy McDowell

The Townsend Cup for Prose Reading – Mrs. Moody

The Trussell Cups for Duo Mime – Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Trussell

The Vanguard Cups (x2) for Public Speaking – Mrs. Janet Tuckett

​The Julia Dickinson Trophy for Novice Acting  – Julia Dickinson








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