Music Syllabi

Music currently has six sections; Singing, School, Youth & Community Groups, Piano, Instrumental and Classical Guitar. Our main Festival dates for 2018:
Gala Concert: 23rd Feb
Piano Festival: 30th June – 1st July
Music & singing; 22nd – 24th June
Schools & Youth Community Day: 28th June
Instrumental: 1st July
Speech & Drama, & Classical Guitar: 17th – 18th Nov

Please find the 2018 Music Festival syllabi for you to download.

2018 RWBAF Classical Guitar Syllabus

2018 RWBAF Instrumental Syllabus

2018 RWBAF Piano Syllabus

2018 RWBAF Schools and Choirs Syllabus

2018 RWBAF Singing Syllabus

The entry form you are required to fill in can be downloaded below.

2018 RWBAF Music Entry Form

We look forward to hearing you perform in the coming Festival!

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