Music Chairman’s Welcome


A very warm welcome to everyone who is going to participate in the 2019 Music Festival. This year is very exciting because the Music Festival has now moved from July to November, to create a combined Arts Festival, which includes a new Musical Theatre section.

The Festival Dates are:

Classical Guitar – 16th November

Speech & Drama – 16th & 17th November

Musical Theatre – 16th & 17th November

Music – 23rd & 24th November

Also, this is my first Festival as the new Chair and I really hope that everyone engages into the spirit of the Festival, by having a wonderful time.

The British and International Federation of Festivals (BIFF) mission is ‘to enable participation in the Performing Arts’. This year we have introduced several new classes and created even more opportunities for participants to become fully engrossed in the Arts.

The Festival provides a welcome platform, for participants to perform in front of an audience and receive constructive adjudication, which will promote further development. The range of Classes, provide opportunities for people of all ages and standards.

The adjudicators that are going to be joining the 2019 festival are: Elizabeth Emberson (Singing), Andrew Hansford (Piano), Keith Smith (Instrumental) and Craig Ogden (Classical Guitar). All of the adjudicators are members of The British and International Federation of Festivals.

There are a range of Novice Classes, for people of any ages who have never won a class at The Royal Wootton Bassett Arts Festival before or may not have even performed to an audience. Also, the Recital Classes create an opportunity for students to improve their stamina because they demand a higher level of concentration, which in turn develops how to sustain a longer performance.

During the Festival, I would actively encourage performers to go and support musicians in other classes. Watching and listening to Classes in other musical disciplines, whilst listening to feedback from the adjudication will provide another form of musical development.

The Festival is supported by several dedicated volunteers and a committee, which has worked very hard to ensure this year is a total success. I would like to thank everyone who has supported all of the changes and contributed to making the revised 2019 Festival a reality.

I look forward to meeting you at the Festival. Good luck and make sure you have fun!


Sarah Sumner

Music Chair – March 2019

Royal Wootton Bassett Festival

Reg. Charity No. 1135906

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