At the moment we have one exciting position opening up next year:

Festival Treasurer

We are seeking a new Treasurer due to our a long serving Committee Member now stepping down. Our current Treasurer has been with us for nigh on a decade and we are indebted to all her hard work and efforts. However, things move on and life’s priorities sometimes change. So, as sad as we are to be losing this wonderful member of our Committee, it opens up an exciting new opportunity for a special and now much needed person out there!

Treasurer details

Are you organised, good with figures, careful with money, and paperwork? Perhaps you are an accountant or work in finance within a corporation? Perhaps you are retired and looking for a new challenge, or perhaps you are just looking to give back to your community a little.

Do contact us for more details on

Other Roles

As ever, we are always seeking people who have free time to help volunteer on an adhoc basis. The jobs we need help with can range from making cups of tea, to certificate running, to moving chairs around, and smiling warmly at excited entrants and performers as they nervously arrive to compete during the actual Festival.

Please look back regularly as we will publish any Festival vacancies or volunteering positions when we have them. Or do please contact us on for further details if you are interested in helping out or be added to our waiting list.

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