Festival Syllabus

Our RWB Arts Festival Syllabus 2022 is now published!

Closing date for all entries is 30th September, 2022.

The entry fees are:

Solo £7.00 

All Recital Classes and Classes over 10 minutes: £10.00
Duologue / Duet: £12.00
Group / Ensemble: £18.00

(Please check individual section for clarification, as for example, Dance classes are slightly cheaper). 

Click here to enrol online for all of your classes (open April 1st). 

However, if you still require paper entry forms, these are available to download for each section

RWBAF Dance Entry Form 2022

RWBAF Guitar Entry Form 2022

RWBAF Music Entry Form 2022

RWBAF Musical Theatre Entry Form 2022

RWBAF Speech and Drama Entry Form 2022


Festival Audience Tickets

Adults: 1 Day. £4.00 /   2 Days. £7.00 /   Both Weekends £10.00

Children: FREE

Programme: £4.00


Festival Ticket

We look forward to seeing you perform in the coming Festival!