Volunteer Recognition Day

Today is Volunteer Recognition Day. Our Festival is run purely by volunteers, and it would not be able to take place each year without all the efforts of each and every one. Our many Committee members, helpers, and supporters make our Festival a joy each year for the many children who compete and the many parents who chart their childrens’ blossoming talents, whether that is in the Music Festival or the Speech and Drama one.

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Our volunteers take on many roles: from cleaning tables, arranging chairs, processing entry forms, contacting adjudicators, baking cakes, sweeping up, running Facebook pages, devising every class syllabi, writing minutes, liaising with community members and press, establishing safeguarding processes, improving best practice, as well as maintaining our own commitment of time, professionalism, and enthusiasm for our ever growing Festival. Each and every gift of time and action is valued, and it is often the smallest of jobs which make the biggest difference.

So a big and sincere thank you to all of our volunteers at RWB Arts Festival, whatever your role. Thank you.


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