Thank you, Daxa!

Our most valued long-standing committee member, Daxa Jannaty, is stepping down from her post as Treasurer of the Festival. Daxa has held for the past thirteen years. She has worked tight budgets to ensure that the festival could be maintained on a shoe-string each year: being a charity Daxa’s role is hugely important and her attention to detail critical. We are all truly indebted to her for her dedication and meticulous work in keeping RWBAF afloat.

Daxa has long been the backbone of festival operations taking on several other roles in support and will leave a huge gap in the life of the festival. You will have seen her manning the door, running around delivering things, helping out wherever she can during the Festival itself! Apart from the commitment she has given for all of these years, her warm personality and cheerful disposition will mean she will be truly missed by all. Our gratitude has no bounds.

We presented her with flowers, and afternoon tea vouchers at a very lovely manor house. We look forward to hearing all about it!

The whole committee, and no doubt all the entrants, would like to say a huge thank you, Daxa!

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